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Regulus Press Announces Literary Taxidermy Competition Results (SEATTLE, Washington, 2 November 2018) — Regulus Press announces the finalists and winners of the Literary Taxidermy Short Story Competition; and, thanks to the incredible response to this year's competition and the outstanding quality of the submissions, has published not one, not two, but three anthologies of literary taxidermy. ONE THING WAS CERTAIN includes the finalists and winning story from the Carroll contest, AGAINST THE BAR includes the finalists and winning story from the Hammett contest, and TELEPHONE ME NOW includes the finalists and winning story from the Parker contest. Each anthology contains sixteen to twenty stories, selected anonymously by the editors of Regulus Press and the competition's judges.   ★   Visit Competition Website.

Regulus Press Announces Literary Taxidermy Competition (SEATTLE, Washington, 5 March 2018) — Regulus Press announces the Literary Taxidermy Short Story Competition. The competition awards original works of short fiction under 3000 words, and is open to all writers, in all genres. The catch: We provide your opening and closing lines chosen from a classic work of literature. You provide the rest. Aspiring writers will be offered the opening and closing lines from The Thin Man by Dashiell Hammett, Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll, and "A Telephone Call" by Dorothy Parker. Three winning stories will be selected, for a total prize of $1500. In addition, winners and runners-up will be published by Regulus Press in a forthcoming 2018 Anthology of Literary Taxidermy. The idea originated in a book of short stories called The Gymnasium by Mark Malamud.  ★   Visit Competition Website.

Regulus Press Announces The Gymnasium (SEATTLE, Washington, 11 January 2018) — Regulus Press is pleased to announce the immediate availability of a new collection of short stories by Mark Malamud called The Gymnasium, an exercise in “literary taxidermy” by the author of Float the Pooch. By “re-stuffing” what goes in-between the opening and closing lines of classic works by Milan Kundera, Philip K. Dick, Thomas Wolfe, Ian Fleming, and others, the author has crafted 19 new and wholly-original fictions.   ☆   “At turns funny, sad, serious, and surreal – none of these stories will let you down.” (Robert Kramer)   ☆   “Imagine taking the opening and closing sentences of Lord of the Flies or Casino Royale, and then crafting your own narrative between their unique starting and ending points. The Gymnasium is an exercise in literary what-if, an alternate reality in which the surprisingly original emerges from the hauntingly familiar." (Henry Beecham)   ☆   “Truly remarkable. It's a kind of literary remixing.” (N D King)   ☆   “A pleasurable romp, a new way to think about classic fiction.” (Literature & Taxes)   ☆   “A roller-coaster of styles and voices, all anchored to the simple but powerful idea of re-imagining someone else's words as your own.” (Storycraft)   ★   Available Now.

Regulus Press Announces Float the Pooch (SEATTLE, Washington, 1 February 2016) — Regulus Press announces the availability of the new novel by Mark Malamud, Float the Pooch. The novel tells the story of Disco Rigido, charismatic kingpin of black-market libidinal software, who spreads mayhem throughout the world for the benefit of an ancient extraterrestrial intelligence that uses life on Earth as a substrate for procreation; while Doctor Memory, a back-alley neurosurgeon dressed as a rabbi, tries to save what's left of humanity. Seamlessly interweaving elements of an all-too-real future with mind-bending inventions and hallucinogenic flourishes, Float the Pooch is mesmerizing, hilarious, and utterly original, a novel that folds back on itself.  ☆   "Creation myth or nightmare? Perhaps both." (Hal Sonderburg)   ☆   "A wild, loopy romp to another universe." (Emma Strand)   ☆   "Float the Pooch is packed with ironic geniuses, art museum shoot-outs, sex in new forms, and great one-liners. Few other novels would dare guest star Stanley Kubrick and David Bowie, nor put them to such great story purposes." (Michael J. Pronko)   ☆   "Part science-fiction, part technological thriller, and part hard-boiled Yiddish theatre, Float the Pooch pits sex against life, life against meaning, and – incredibly – David Bowie against Stanley Kubrick." (Tatyana Wjekeslava)   ★   Available Now.